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Ultimate guide on how to swing a golf club like a pro

Having the proper technique and skills makes your game more enjoyable. Working on the intricate details, and mastering the tiny bits can drastically improve your shot. The crux of taking a good shot lies in the swing. One needs to ensure they are not slicing or hooking the ball, and this blog post delves deep into how to swing a golf club.

How to swing a golf club like a pro

It is important to begin by taking a proper stance in which you place your front foot slightly ahead of the ball. In such a position, the club will rest firmly at the center of your body. Keep your feet wider than the shoulder width, and the golf ball at the middle of your stance. Bigger clubs like hybrids and drivers should be inclined more toward the front of your foot. Smaller clubs like irons should be in the middle of your stance.

How to swing a golf club – Choosing the right stance

Depending on your style of play, if you are a right-hander, your left foot will be closer to the hole by a foot. It is the opposite if you are a left-hander, in such a case, your right foot will be closer to the hole by a foot length. The middle portion of the face of your club must reach out to the ball. At this time keep your arms straight and relaxed, so that your elbows don’t bend, and maintain a healthy distance from the ball. Also, your hands don’t have to be outstretched, so avoid standing far away from the ball.

The upper portion of your body should be slightly bent toward the ball with a slight tilt away from your target. Position your hands a fist away from your thighs, to get a proper spine angle. Keep in mind your alignment in which the back portion of your shoulders is aligned towards the front portion of your shoulders and foot so that it points to your target.

Taking the right stance

One method to check your alignment is by taking a stance and placing the best golf clubs on the teeing area along the tips of your toes. Then check the direction it is pointing at, by stepping back. It should ideally be pointing at your target or the hole. Also, avoid being stiff while attempting your shot, an athletic stance in which you bend your knees slightly. It is also crucial to balance your body weight at the base of your feet, to ensure an easy shift forward and backward.

Your body’s weight should be equally distributed on both of your feet and shift your feet between the front foot and back foot to maintain an even stance. Although you will tend to shift your weight in the trajectory from your backswing to your downswing, it will ultimately benefit you if you begin with a stance focused on even weight distribution.

Taking a proper grip

Maintaining a relaxed grip on the club is important because this will allow your club head to turn after you learn how to swing a golf club. A relaxed grip gives better accuracy and better distance. A tight grip often leads to constrained muscles which could hinder your swing. The grip is pretty similar to that of baseball. Depending on your style of play, you could opt for an interlocking grip, an overlapping grip, or a baseball grip. You can experiment with one of these grips until you discover the most satisfying one.

The art of taking a backswing

While you begin to backswing, the club is withdrawn backward and gets positioned above your head. At this moment try to shift the weight of your torso from the front to the back. When you are ready for your downswing, you need to maximize the clubhead speed and allow the body to move relatively slowly to maintain control. After taking the shot, the right follow-through is critical. While attempting the shot, you don’t have to apply all your strength, and you must aim to achieve the precise distance and direction.



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