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Ultimate guide on the best golf clubs on market

Unlike other sports, golf requires different implements for different shots. Finding the best golf clubs on market takes you closer to shooting your best scores. While choosing golf clubs, you have to look through drivers, irons, wedges, woods, hybrids, irons, and putters. With new launches, now is a great time to upgrade your golf club. Golf is an exhilarating sport with a frenzy of emotion.

What are the best golf clubs on market?

Getting the right club can instantly improve your game. By owning personal clubs, you don’t have to rely on rentals, and if you are a beginner you will notice improvements in your swing. Having good golf clubs is vital to your progression. After having researched a variety of brands, I have prepared a list of golf clubs based on your needs, preferences, and personal style.

Best golf clubs on market Set overall – Strata Golf Complete Set

This is a complete golf set comprising of a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-9 Iron, PW, a Putter, a Stand Bag, and two head covers. Designed for maximum performance and is lightweight. It consists of a forged driver that has a large sweet spot which has a titanium head that offers decent forgiveness so that you can hit farther off the tee.

It also features 3 oversized wood which is forgiving and has a more aerodynamic head shape that can produce long and high-flying shots. It also has five hybrids which is a good alternative to the difficult long irons. This helps in giving confidence for a varied range of shots. This golf set also has 6-9 irons, PW made of stainless steel which provides a decent amount of forgiveness and control. The golf set has a mallet putter with an alignment to give you increased accuracy.

What I liked

  • These clubs are forgiving, meaning they have a large sweet spot, and their shaft is lightweight making this club easy to hit even if you do not have a lot of power.
  • These clubs are good for beginners.
  • It is affordable, meaning it is a good option for budget-minded golfers.
  • It has a lightweight carry bag.
  • It is available in multiple sets.

What I disliked

  • Not the most durable club set.
  • Not as forgiving as some other sets.
  • It is not the most stylish club set.

Best golf clubs on market Set (Affordable) – WILSON Men’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Package Set

This golf club set comes with a large 460cc driver. This driver is engineered with super game improvement technology. This helps in enhancing the experience of new golfers. This golf club set has 431 stainless steel irons with a low center of gravity. These deep perimeter-weighted irons help in improved accuracy and distance. This golf club set comes along with a lightweight premium carry bag.

This bag features Air flow adjustable shoulder straps and a rugged handle top. This bag has numerous pockets and a self-activating stand. It has an easy launch sand wedge that has very low weighting and gets a wide sole which provides better greenside control and improves shot-making. It also has a popular toe-weighted putter with a soft alignment grip that provides impressive feedback, feel, and accuracy. 

What I liked

  • It is a complete set consisting of woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter.
  • All the clubs in this set are forgiving, and have a large sweet spot that makes it more forgiving for off-center hits.
  • It is a budget-friendly option for those who are just starting out.
  • This set is lightweight meaning it can generate clubhead speed and increase distance on shots.
  • Clubs in this set come with graphite shafts which offer a soft feel with extra flex.
  • The club set comes in multiple size options and can be customized depending on the golfer’s height and playing style.

What I disliked

  • While the club set is forgiving, the clubs might not offer the same level of performance and shot-shaping ability as high-end individual clubs.
  • Users have reported concerns over the durability of clubs which could cause clubs to wear out or break down after prolonged usage.
  • The club offers customization based on the height and playing style, and might not get the same degree of personalization as individual clubs with specific shafts, grips, and other components.
  • Putter preferences can be very subjective, and the putter in this set might not match the golfer’s putting style and preference.
  • The quality of the golf bag is not of exceptional quality, and there could be concerns pertaining to its durability and functionality.

Best golf clubs on market Set (Premium) – RBZ Speedlite Complete 13-Piece Set

This club set comes with a driver, fairway, irons, wedge, and a bag.

The driver is a lightweight 460 cc titanium head that features advanced aerodynamic shaping resulting in faster swing speeds. It is aided by an ultra-light 50 g RBZ shaft, and it has a high MOI head design with Speed pocket flexibility. This helps in delivering an optimal launch and enhanced forgiveness.

The fairway is a lightweight 180 cc club head with a low CG which encourages higher launch. The rescue carries a versatile sole design giving high-launching shots. The irons have advanced perimeter weighting designed for extra forgiveness. It has a concentrated mass near the sole of the club which creates a lower CG for a higher launch. It has a multi-function sole geometry which improves playability and enhances smooth turf interaction.

The Wedge has high-volume groves giving improved spin and control. It has a C-grind sole which helps in navigating a variety of conditions. The putter uses a high-stability mallet that features patented pure-roll and it uses multi—alignment technology which helps in better aiming with the topline, sight dot, or cutaway channel.

The club set also features a bag that takes inspiration from the racing world. This lightweight cart bag has eight pockets, which include an insulated cooling pouch. It also has a 14-way top and structured base which increases functionality and gives clean aesthetics.

What I liked

  • These clubs are forgiving, meaning it is easy to hit even for inconsistent golfers.
  • It is designed to provide a high launch and good spin that will help you hit longer, and precisely.
  • This set has a variety of clubs that cover all your needs from tee shots to approach shots to putting.
  • Built with high-quality materials, it will last for many years.
  • It comes included with a cart bag.

What I disliked

  • This set is pricey, but it is a worthy investment if you intend to improve your golf game.
  • The putter is not of high quality as other clubs in the set.

Best golf clubs on market for mid handicappers (Driver) – TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

This golf club possesses a revolutionary new shape and features an aerodynamic asymmetric sole with an inertia generator. It is designed purposely to generate faster club head speeds which convert into increased ball speed and distance. The rear weight creates a higher MOI for increased forgiveness. This golf club comes with a speed-injected technology, and gives intelligently optimized C.O.R. This maximizes ball speed across the face by calibrating every head to the threshold of the legal speed limit.

It also features twist face technology with a larger face area. Golfers can use this to their advantage by using the corrective face angle which is designed to overcome mishits and produces straighter shots. The larger face instills more confidence, and this driver is made with multiple materials like – Carbon, Titanium, and Steel. The head design focuses the weight precisely on the head giving an ultra-low CG and higher MOI. This driver also features a 2-degree loft sleeve which provides adjustability and optimizes trajectory and face angle increasing personalization.

What I liked

  • It is forgiving even on mishits.
  • It offers a high launch and spin for maximum distance.
  • It gets a speed-injected face for extra ball speed.
  • It gets an adjustable hosel for the best launch and spin.
  • It is available in all kinds of lofts and shaft options.

What I disliked

  • It does not have as much as workability as some other divers.
  • It can be a bit loud on impact.
  • It isn’t ideal for low-handicap golfers.

Best golf clubs on market accuracy (Driver) -Taylormade Golf Stealth2 Driver DiamanaS+60 10.5/Left Hand Regular

This golf driver has a carbon-reinforced composite ring that unites the driver’s head into a singular force. This helps in freeing up additional mass aiding in improved forgiveness. It features a Twist Face which showcases corrective tendencies and it also has advanced ICT which helps in maintaining ball speed. It enhances accuracy for on and off-center strikes and the lightweight full-carbon body harvests mass and strategically places weight for improved forgiveness and an optimal launch.

The 60X carbon twist face comes with a polyurethane cover which features a revolutionary nano texture technology. This nanotexture cover helps in optimizing launch and spin maximizing distance irrespective of the conditions while playing. It also has an inertia generator which is the foundation for giving it refined aerodynamic properties. It also has a rescueult with a slippery fast head shape which helps in boosting swing speed on the downswing for all kinds of golfers.

What I liked

  • The Stealth 2 driver has features like a carbon fiber face, and a light and strong crown, all of which improve the forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • It also gets a new carbon fiber ring which increases ball speed and reduces spin, this increases the drive with a low trajectory.
  • It offers a solid and responsive feel at impact, and it uses carbon fiber in the face and crown. This helps provide a direct connection between the clubhead and the ball.

What I disliked

  • It is a premium club, so it is more expensive than other options in the market.
  • It isn’t the lightest club on the market, and it is not the best choice for golfers who are trying to opt for a lightweight club.

Best golf clubs on market for distance and forgiveness (Fairway Woods) – TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Fairway

This fairway wood is constructed with multiple materials, and it has a large 190 cc head design that gives precise weighting and strategic CG placement for maximum distance and forgiveness resulting in an optimal launch. The New V steel design redistributes weight enhances forgiveness and maintains a low CG. It has a depressed heel and a minimized toe sole area.

It also features a C300 Steel twist face which uses high-strength C300 steel which allows for a stronger fast face that is designed for faster ball speeds and it is paired with the Twist face technology to overcome mishits and lead to straighter shots. This fairway wood also features a Thru-Slot speed pocket which increases face flexibility and preserves ball speed and distance for low-face strikes.

What I liked

  • It is designed to launch the ball high and far. It gets a large clubhead with a forgiving face, and this offers more consistent results on off-center hits.
  • It has a high moment of inertia, and it resists twisting on off-center hits which makes it the best choice for golfers who struggle with accuracy.
  • It is designed for easy usage, and it gets a shallow face that makes it easy to launch the ball. It gets a forgiving sole, which prevents digging in the turf.
  • You can hear a solid, yet satisfying sound at impact which is very reassuring.

What I disliked

  • It is a premium club, so it comes with a high price tag.
  • It does not have the best adjustability features.

Best golf clubs on market for distance (Fairway Woods) – Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Men’s Fairway Matte Black-Gold

This fairway wood uses Pwr-Cor technology and it is constructed using multiple materials. It has a weighting system that positions the mass below which results in lower spin and faster ball speed, this helps in maximizing the distance. This fairway wood uses HOT face (highly optimized technology) that uses  AI and machine learning to design 15 HOT zones which help in increasing ball speed and enhance the smash factor.

It also has a lightweight carbon crown which is thinner and frees up discretionary weight to enhance CG and MOI properties. This fairway wood has progressive rails in 5W and 7W which improve turf interaction for steeper swings. It also gets an 8g fixed back weighting which enhances forgiveness and promotes ball flight.

What I liked

  • It comes equipped with PWR-COR technology, and it helps in positioning a substantial amount of weight low and forward in the clubhead, This in turn helps to promote faster ball speed and generate low spin.
  • It gets a lightweight carbon fiber crown which allows more weight to be repositioned low and forward in the clubhead and contributes to a higher launch with enhanced forgiveness.
  • These rails on the sole of the clubhead keep the clubhead from digging into the turf.
  • The weight in the sole of the clubhead keeps it from digging into the turf and enhances the contact with improved performance on off-center hits.
  • The weight on the sole of the clubhead can be adjusted to fine-tune the performance of the club.

What I disliked

  • Some may find the clubhead to be a bit too large, and forgiving.
  • The stock shafts are not the best for everyone, and many would want to upgrade to a different shaft to get improved performance.

Best golf clubs on market for high loft (Fairway woods) – MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Fairway Wood

This fairway wood is ideal for those who struggle to get a high loft and long distance. The MW8 moon wood is best for making clean contact, allowing for high loft and increased ball speed. On account of its shallow face and lower center of gravity, it instills confidence when you are behind the ball. Also, because of its lower center of gravity, it is easier to get a higher trajectory without any extra effort.

It gets a curved extra wide sole which offers minimum resistance on the turf and allows you to glide it irrespective of where this club strikes. This club is shorter than traditional clubs making it more convenient to control in comparison to other fairway woods in this category. Due to its shorter shaft, it gets a more upright swing like those found on a short iron. With this fairway wood, it is easier to make cleaner center contact enhancing the trust factor from the fairway.

What I liked

  • It is easier to hit compared to traditional fairway woods and hybrids.
  • It offers good distance and accuracy.
  • It can be used for a variety of lies including the rough.
  • It is more forgiving on mis-hits.
  • It can be used by golfers of all skill levels.

What I disliked

  • It is more expensive than traditional fairway woods and hybrids.
  • Some may find it difficult to control.
  • The head is smaller than traditional fairway woods.

Best golf clubs on market for consistency (Hybrids) – Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Hybrid

This club has a low center of gravity and a high MOI. The mid-sized head is packed with speed-enhancing technologies that improve the ease of play and the distance achieved. This golf club also features flash face and Jailbreak technologies which enhance forgiveness.

It also features AI-designed face architecture which is a first in any hybrid. It also gets a dedicated face for every loft of every model which maximizes ball speed performance in all MAVRIK hybrids. Constructed from a high-strength steel face it works with proven jailbreak technology and gets a renowned Face Cup technology that promotes exceptional ball speed.

What I liked

  • It is designed to improve ball speed even on off-center hits.
  • This club has Jailbreak technology and tungsten weighting which help to keep the center of gravity low and the moment of inertia high.
  • It is playable for a variety of lies.
  • It offers a good feel of impact.

What I disliked

  • Some may find the club to be too large or forgiving.
  • It is not as adjustable as other hybrids in the market.

Best golf clubs on market for mid-handicappers (Hybrids) – TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Rescue

This hybrid golf club has a V steel design which redistributes weight to enhance forgiveness. Its low CG, depressed heel and toe minimize sole area improve turf interaction properties, and enhance the versatility of this golf club.

It comprises high-strength C300 steel which gives it a strong fast face that is engineered for explosive ball speeds, and it helps to overcome mishits and aids in straighter shots. It helps create wonderful flight and workability for golfers of all skill sets. This club has a thru-slot speed pocket which increases face flexibility and preserves ball speed and distance on low-face strikes.

What I liked

  • It offers increased ball speed and distance due to the Speed pocket and Twist face technologies.
  • It has improved forgiveness due to its larger head size and V steel sole.
  • It is more versatile than traditional hybrids.
  • It is available in a wide range of lofts to suit all golfers.

What I disliked

  • It might not be as workable as other hybrids.
  • It is a bit too high launching for some golfers.
  • It is on the pricier side.

Best forgiveness (Irons) – TaylorMade SIM Max Irons

This golf iron club features an all-new cap back design made of multiple materials like – high-strength stainless steel and ultralight weight polymers. Due to its low CG, it maximizes distance, forgiveness, and feeling. It has all-new SIM 2 Max irons that use a fast and forgiving face which gives golfers optimized performance.

This club also features a new ECHO damping system which uses a softer polymer blend and has multiple contact points. It also has a thru-slot speed pocket which maximizes face flexibility. It also uses progressive inverted cone technology with each face uniquely designed for minimizing side spin and to counteract common right miss.

What I liked

  • It is designed to produce more distance.
  • It is very forgiving, helping golfers make a consistent hit.
  • It produces a good sound and feel.
  • It is affordable making it a good value for high handicappers.

What I disliked

  • It isn’t as precise as some other irons.
  • It tends to vibrate a lot on mis-hits.
  • Does not suit low-handicappers who are looking for a precise iron.

Best looking (Irons) – Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX OS Lite Individual Iron

One of the fastest golf irons, they have wide soles and an enhanced offset. These attractive golf club irons offer increased loft, lighter shafts, and lighter swing weights. They also feature the latest AI face optimization which helps in creating spin rate consistency across the face.

This golf iron creates a high launch and it has a COR plus which offers a controlled landing angle. It uses new precision tungsten weighting which features 46 g of high-density tungsten which is a 188% increase over the MAVRIK models. It also has patented urethane microspheres which enhance the sound and deliver a proper feel while producing fast ball speeds.

What I liked

  • It offers a high launch and a lot of forgiveness.
  • It offers more loft and the lighter shaft allows for an easier swing.
  • The new urethane microsphere dampens the sound and feel of the clubhead, resulting in a good feel.

What I disliked

  • It isn’t as versatile as other irons.
  • It isn’t as long as some other irons.

Best forgiveness (Wedges) – Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

This golf wedge has a hollow-cavity design with the weight distributed on the perimeter offering generous forgiveness at impact. With three different sole grinds, it helps in delivering more versatility to attempt any shot at the course.

It also has enhanced feel balancing technology with a Gelback TPU insert which reduces vibrations giving a more genuine feel during impact. This golf wedge has a fourth-generation Rotex face technology which enhances the spin and control. It gets a Rotex precision graphite shaft which gives a lighter feel for optimized performance.

What I liked

  • It gets a very forgiving clubhead, that helps to square the face at impact and offer a solid contact even on off-center hits.
  • It gets deep and sharp grooves that offer excellent spin control even in wet conditions.
  • It gets a soft forged-like feel that offers good feedback even on mishits.
  • It is available in a wide range of golfing shots.
  • Pricing is affordable.

What I disliked

  • The clubhead is a bit too large, and bulky.
  • The stock shaft is not the most premium.
  • It’s grooves might get worn out more quickly than other wedges.

Best feel (Wedges) – TaylorMade MG3 SB

This wedge features a new Milled grind 3 that has Raw face micro ribs which improves the face texture and optimizes spin even on partial shots. The face of this wedge rusts over time and preserves consistent spin and the head maintains its original finish.

The grooves in this wedge optimize the feel of this wedge and the raised micro-fabrics which are positioned between the groves increase spin and improve performance. This wedge gets milled grind soles which enhances precision. The milling processes optimize the consistency, and the sharper groves with radii engineering optimize spin even in wet conditions.

What I liked

  • It features raw face micro ribs that help to increase spin on shots around the greens.
  • It features a thick topline and a thin sole that improves the feel and forgiveness of the wedge.
  • The sole of the club creates a variety of grooves and edges that assist the club to glide through the turf and deliver consistent results.
  • It gets a lamkin crossline grip that gives a secure feel in the hand.

What I disliked

  • The club is slightly heavy and might not be ideal for all players.
  • It is designed for shots around the green, and not ideal for all kinds of shots.

Best consistency (Putters) – TaylorMade Spider GT Red/Silver/Black #3 Righthanded 34IN

Made with lightweight 6061 aluminum this putter has a 145 g top plate which eliminates excess weight and features a short sightline for making alignments. It also gets a steel side weight construction which creates a heavy frame for stability and distance control.

Around 18% of this weight is centered around the middle and this helps to maximize forgiveness for off-center strikes. It also gets a new firmer co-molded insert which is made of black TPU urethane with silver aluminum beams angled at 45 degrees to improve topspin across the face. The shaft in this putter has a softer section which is located five inches from the tip and enhances feel, stability, and dispersion.

What I liked

  • It is designed to be very forgiving even on mishits, and it can improve scores.
  • It gets a putter that is very stable even on off-center strikes.
  • It gets a putter with a good feel.
  • It rolls the ball well, and it results in more putts.
  • The putter is highly customizable and you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

What I disliked

  • It is relatively expensive.
  • It is heavier than other models and it isn’t ideal for everyone.
  • Might not be as per everyone’s liking.

Best all-around (putters) – Odyssey EXO Putter

This putter has stroke lab shafts which include the EXO construction, white-hot micro hinge insert, and stroke lab weighting. This putter has an incredible MOI design and is built with multiple premium materials like – a lightweight 6061 milled aluminum exo-cage and 17-4 stainless steel in the head.

It also gets the legendary white hot insert which combined with the legendary micro hinge technology creates immediate forward roll and consistent accuracy and distance control. The new stroke lab shaft helps save weight by relocating it to the ends of the putter which optimizes the performance. It also enhances a smoother and more accurate stroke. This putter provides face-balanced options that reduce face rotation. 

What I liked

  • It gets a high MOI design.
  • It features a white-hot micro hinge insert.
  • It gets a stroke lab shaft.
  • It gets classic putter shapes.
  • It gets a high-quality finish.

What I disliked

  • It is on the pricier side.
  • It isn’t for everyone.

How to choose the best golf clubs on market

The clubs available today have the latest technology and produce better accuracy and distance in comparison to older clubs. The information below will give you details as to what each type of club is specialized to do.

Driver –

Drivers have the largest club heads and the shallowest face angle. They typically have long shafts and are purposely designed for striking the ball off the tee. Amongst all clubs, the driver hits the ball farthest and is best used for the first shot of the hole rather than on the ground. At times, holes may be too short to use a driver.

Fairway woods –

Generally, fairway woods are 3-wood or 5-wood. Wood with higher numbers tends to have a deeper club face angle which produces a higher loft. Drivers are referred to as 1-wood, and fairway woods are used when at the fairway when you are approximately 200 yards away from the green.

Hybrid clubs –

This is a new style of club that is a mixture between wood and iron. Hybrids are easier to hit in comparison to long irons and offer a higher loft than fairway woods. Although they have a smaller head, they have a larger sweet spot than irons.

Irons –

Irons have a thin club face which generates more loft than wood. While approaching the green, the groves on the flat club face of the irons help in generating a backspin on the ball. The spin with the loft helps the ball stop in the green. Irons range from 1-9, and larger numbers indicate a larger club face angle. It offers a higher arcing shot with less distance. Larger irons are comparatively difficult to strike, so, many sets do not offer irons with numbers larger than four.

Wedges –

They are a subset of irons and have a similar shape. They have the shortest shaft among all clubs and the most severe angle on the club face. This helps in producing higher loft and reduced distance. There are many types of wedges, and they have a reputation for overcoming tricky shots depending on the clubface angle and loft.

Putters –

These clubs are most favorable on the greens, and even around the fringe areas surrounding the greens. Unlike other clubs, putters have a flat face and offer very little loft.  




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