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Find your perfect pair with this guide on the best value snowboard goggles

Depending on whether you require an overdose of technology, razor-sharp clarity, or ultra-wide peripheral vision this blog post will guide you to the best value snowboard goggles. There is a wide variety of eyewear available in the current market, and snowboard goggles are no exception. Snowboard goggles are functional and offer a higher grade of visual experience.

What are the best value snowboard goggles?

The clarity of the lens and the simplicity in usage have been optimized in today’s snowboard goggles. If you are looking to upgrade or invest in new snowboard goggles, now is a great time. If you are a snowboarder looking for a new set of goggles, it is essential to get the right perspective on getting the best one.

Besides protecting the eyes, the right lens color should suit the light level around you. While snowboarding you are exposed to snow, wind, and harmful UV rays from the sun. Snowboard goggles shield you from tree limbs and stay on your eyes more securely than sunglasses. Snowboard goggles can protect you from snow blindness and you can avoid conditions in which you experience a painful or sunburnt cornea.

Lighter lens tints get a higher VLT (Visible light transmission) as there is enough light passing through them. Yellow, Gold and amber lenses are excellent choices on days when there is low visibility. On the contrary, dark lens tints have low VLT as lesser light passes through them. Many snowboard goggles come with a spare lens.

Best value snowboard goggles overall – Smith 4D MAG Snow Goggles

Item Dimensions LxWxH – 6 x 9 x 6 inches

Founded in 1965, Smith invented the first snow goggle which features a sealed thermal lens and a breathable vent foam. For the past 50 years, Smith has been a pioneer in innovation and design experience. It is widely regarded as a market leader and it offers eyewear and helmets which incorporate dynamic technologies and optimized performance. These goggles come in medium fit, low-bridge fit, and quick fit strap adjustment which allows you to find the best fit faster. They have an AirEvac ventilation system that integrates with any of the Smith helmets.

These goggles have fog-free lenses and are designed for maximum comfort and venting. They have a three-layer DriWix face foam which wicks moisture giving a fog-free fit. It has an ultra-wide silicone-backed strap, and the Smith MAG lens uses magnets giving quick and easy changes to lenses. It also gets ChromaPop lenses which enhance the contrast and natural color to give better detailing. These goggles get a BirdsEye vision which clarifies not just any line, but also the riders in your periphery. It comes with two lenses that allow both bright light and low light chroma pop performance tints. These goggles also have a hard case with a goggle sock.

What I liked

  • The 4D Mag technology in these goggles provides a large field of view.
  • The magnetic lens technology provides easy swapping of lenses.
  • These goggles offer a comfortable fit and the anti-slip silicone strap keeps the goggles firmly on your head or helmet.
  • It has ChromaPop lens technology which enhances color and contrast and offers exceptional clarity.
  • These goggles can protect your eyes from hazards like UV rays and mountain debris.

What I disliked

  • These goggles are expensive and not feasible for all snowboarders.
  • There are limited lens options with 4D Mag goggles.
  • The goggles tend to fog up with a helmet or in adverse weather conditions.
  • These goggles are prone to damage and it can be costly to repair or replace.

Best value snowboard goggles custom – Smith Optics I/O MAG XL Unisex Snow Winter Goggles

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 1 Pounds

Originating from Sun Valley in Idaho, Smith powers thrilling experiences in the snow and gives optimum performance outdoors. They have a comprehensive collection of modern and vibrant goggles and they have emerged as a pioneer in advanced eyewear and helmets. These goggles come with a silicone frame and it has an anti-fog coating. The fit can be adjusted based on the nose bridge and cheekbone shape. Having a responsive fit frame that adjusts on your face gives a precise and comfortable fit, and it has a three-layer DriWix face foam ensuring a fog-free fit. It is designed for ultimate integration with Smith helmets and it has a quick-fit strap that is quick to adjust. It has an ultra-wide silicone-backed strap and a spherical carbonic X-lens. This helps in giving distortion-free optics and provides resistance to impacts. The ChromaPop lenses enhance the contrast and natural color for better details. The Smith MAG lens uses magnets to change lenses.

What I liked

  • This goggle has Smith Mags interchangeable lens system. This enables quick and easy changes to the lenses in order to adapt to different lighting conditions.
  • Equipped with a large cylindrical lens, these goggles provide a wide field of view while snowboarding.
  • It features a 5X anti-fog inner lens which prevents fogging and it offers a clear view in any weather.
  • It is compatible with most snowboard helmets and offers a comfortable and secure fit. The ChromaPop lens technology enhances color and contrast for vivid and detailed views.

What I disliked

  • It is pricier compared to other snow goggles.
  • It is available only in limited colors and may not be as per everyone’s preference.
  • It does not have a built-in fan to prevent fogging.
  • Being XL size, it might not correctly fit smaller faces and heads.

Best value snowboard goggles field of view – 100% SNOWCRAFT HiPER Premium Protective Goggles

100% Snowcraft goggles are a benchmark for performance-oriented premium snow goggles. It delivers utmost protection and visibility, their goggles are comfort-oriented and give maximum performance while in the mountains. These are premium performance snow goggles, which deliver the best protection, visibility, and comfort. They help in optimizing your performance while in the mountains, and it is compatible with 100% snow craft XL goggle. These goggles feature premium injection-molded 2 mm impact-rated and shatter-resistant glasses. It uses UltraHD optical clarity lens technology which offers the best protection and optics.

The HipER contrasting lens technology filters away non-essential color wavelengths and gives the best optical detail. It uses high-altitude lens technology which alleviates lens distortion by releasing pressure at higher altitudes. It has a scratch and impact-resistant lens along with hydro and oleophobic coatings. This helps in keeping your lens free of smudge, scratches, and moisture. It has a dual-pane anti-fog lens which keeps your vision clear.

What I liked

  • These goggles feature HiPER lens technology, which gives them excellent clarity and contrast in all light conditions.
  • On account of its durable construction and high-quality materials, it gets superior protection against impacts and scratches.
  • These goggles have a triple-layer foam system which gives a comfortable and secure fit.
  • It gets an anti-fog coating, which prevents fogging, and ensures clear vision.
  • These goggles have a wide field of view for better navigation.

What I disliked

  • These goggles are relatively expensive, making it a pricier investment.
  • It has a bulky design as opposed to a streamlined look.
  • Not being compatible with all helmets limits its use.
  • The limited color options do not appeal to everyone.
  • It is difficult to adjust meaning it does not give the best of fits.

Best value lens swap – 100% NORG HiPER Premium Protective Goggles

100% Snow goggles have led the protective eye gear segment with bold innovation. Their primary focus is on performance, and they are dedicated to design. These goggles have a polarized lens and Gravit8 which has eight magnetic touchpoints. This helps it provide a secure fit and allows for easy lens changing. These goggles provide unrivaled performance and 3D Plane molded lens technology which provides a seamless lens-to-goggle chassis fit. These goggles provide ultra HD optical clarity lens technology which maximizes protection and delivers uncompromised optics. The HiPER contrasting lens technology filters certain wavelengths to generate more contrast. These goggles use high-altitude lens technology which eliminates lens distortion.

What I liked

  • These goggles provide a high level of protection and protect your eyes from hazards including dust, debris, and UV radiation.
  • They have clear vision even in low light conditions.
  • It has triple-layer foam padding with an adjustable strap for a comfort-enhanced fit.
  • Being built with high-quality materials, it can withstand harsh conditions.

What I disliked

  • These goggles have a limited field of vision.
  • It is relatively more expensive than other snow goggles.
  • It tends to fog up which can affect visibility while sweating or when there is a change in temperature.
  • The design may not be as per everyone’s liking.

Best value snowboard goggles affordable – Dragon DX3 OTG Snow Goggles

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H – 7.91 x 4.57 x 4.02 inches

Conceived with a bold vision in 1993, Dragon’s impeccable craftsmanship has brought a lot of attention to the snowboarding community, and its popularity has expanded significantly. These goggles use thermal-formed cylindrical lenses, and OTG (Over the glass). They also use super anti-fog coating with dual-layer face foam. It also features a hypoallergenic micro fleece lining and is compatible with most helmets. The lens uses plastic material and has an anti-fog coating. It has a Luma lens color-optimized technology and is best known for its super anti-fog coating.

What I liked

  • The design of these glasses allows users to wear them over prescription glasses.
  • It comes with triple-layer face foam, an adjustable strap, and a flexible frame which provides a comfortable fit.
  • These goggles have anti-fog treatment which reduces the chances of getting fogged up.
  • These goggles have UV protection which protects your eyes from harmful sun rays.

What I disliked

  • It offers limited lens and color options.
  • It has a narrow field of view in comparison to other models.
  • It is not compatible with all glasses.

Best value snowboard goggles photochromic – Smith Optics Snow Goggle BLACK, CHROMAPOP PHOTOCHROMIC ROSE FLASH

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches; 10.51 Ounces

This goggle uses an interchangeable system that includes bright light and low light. It uses Chroma Pop performance lenses along with spherical carbonic x-lenses. This goggle features a 5X anti-fog inner lens and uses TLT lens technology which enhances crystal-clear vision. Having a medium and responsive fit frame with a quick-fit strap adjustment system, it has a triple-layer DriWix face foam and it is compatible with most helmets. It is ultra-wide and uses a silicone-backed strap with an articulate outrigger positioning system. It also includes a microfiber goggle bag with a replacement lens sleeve.

What I liked

  • It uses Chromapop technology which enhances the contrast and clarity.
  • The photochromic rose flash lens adjusts based on varying light conditions.
  • These goggles use Tapered lens technology which eliminates distortion.
  • It has an anti-fog coating and a ventilation system, which prevents fogging and keeps your vision clear.
  • It gets triple-layer foam and an adjustable strap which provides a comfortable and secure fit.

What I disliked

  • The price is higher than other snow goggles in the market.
  • The Chromapop technology could be too intense or bright in certain light conditions.
  • It might not fit well with certain helmet designs.

Best value snowboard goggles for kids – Smith Optics Daredevil Youth Snow Winter Goggles

Item Dimensions LxWxH – ‎4 x 9.75 x 3.8 inches

This goggle comes in a medium fit and has a dual slide strap, making it easier to adjust. It has a floating foam membrane which eliminates eyeglass template pressure. It is purposely designed to have easy integration with Smith helmets. This allows for maximum comfort, venting, and fog-free performance. This goggle has a dual-layer DriWix face foam which absorbs moisture for a fog-free experience. Having a silicone-backed strap and a cylindrical carbonic X-lens for increased clarity and impact resistance, it has a built-in airflow technology that enhances active ventilation, and it also has a Fog-X anti-fog inner lens for a fog-free experience. It is designed to fit over your glasses (OTG) and comes with a microfiber goggle bag.

What I liked

  • The medium fit of these goggles fits most children properly. It also gets a dual side-strap adjustment system which provides a secure and comfortable fit.
  • These goggles have anti-fog, and anti-scratch coatings which help it offer clear vision.
  • These goggles can block UV rays and prevent eye damage.
  • It is highly durable as it is built with high-quality materials.

What I disliked

  • It is not the most affordable option in the market.
  • It has limited color options.

Best value versatile – Anon M4 Toric Goggles

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H – 8.86 x 7.05 x 5.24 inches

Anon optics delivers optimal style and performance which makes it a preferred choice amongst snowboarders. These goggles have a unisex frame design and it fits medium to large face sizes. These goggles are compatible with most faces and it has an MFI face mask with a bonus lens. It comes with a microfiber goggle bag and a lens compression case. It has MAGNA-TECH quick lens change technology and it uses magnets for a secure lens to frame seal. This allows for easier lens changes and unsurpassed lens retention.

The PERCEIVE lens provides high-contrast vision and high clarity in every light condition. It also gets a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating which provides unmatched resistance to smudge, scratch, and moisture. The outer lens surface allows for clearer optics and easier cleaning. The MFI technology (Magnetic face mask integration) uses a magnetic connection to seal your face mask and use your goggles without blocking ventilation.

What I liked

  • These goggles are designed with Toric lens technology which helps in offering better clarity.
  • It has a large field of view.
  • It has a magnetic lens system, which allows easier swapping of lenses.
  • It features three layers of foam which give a comfortable and secure fit.
  • It is equipped with an anti-fog coating.

What I disliked

  • Relatively expensive compared to other goggles in the market.
  • The magnetic lens system is compatible only with Anon’s own lenses.
  • The lenses get scratched easily which raises questions on durability.
  • The goggles are large and have smaller faces and those looking for a streamlined look might give it a miss.
  • It comes in limited color options.

Best polarizing – Zeal Optics Portal RLs Snow Goggle

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H – 8.11 x 5.47 x 4.49 inches

Zeal Optics makes sunglasses and goggles for the outdoors, and they are known for their plant-based polarized sunglasses. These goggles help in experiencing unsurpassed peripheral vision and it uses Zeal Portal rimless frame design. It also features the revolutionary Rail Lock system that allows easy change of lenses. These goggles use a spherical polycarbonate lens with vertical and horizontal curves to enhance peripheral vision. It increases lens volume and reduces distortion, glare, and fogging.

These goggles use an optimum polarized Phoenix mirror lens which features Zeal’s optimum lens and polarization for heightened color. The definition and detail produced by these goggles reduce eye strain with an 18% visual light transmission (VLT). The polarized lenses cut glare and the reflected light highlights the ice and hardpack. These goggles use a rail lock system (RLs), and changing the lenses is very easy. These goggles use anti-fog technology, and it provides 100% UV protection.

What I liked

  • The Rail Lock system (RLS) allows for easier lens interchangeability.
  • It has triple-layer foam which conforms to your face.
  • The frame is made with thermoplastic polyurethane material which is lightweight and durable. Even the lenses are built with impact-resistant polycarbonate material.
  • Zeal Optics uses eco-friendly materials in its products.

What I disliked

  • Might not appeal to budget-conscious buyers.
  • Despite RLs technology which provides easy lens interchangeability, there still remains a limit on lens selection.
  • It comes in medium fit and might not fit smaller or larger faces.


Best Women’s – Oakley Mikaela Shiffrin Signature Flight Deck M Goggles

Oakley provides the industry’s very best snow goggles. This goggle uses a silicone frame and a mirrored lens. The lens uses anti-fog coating and it is inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots. The Flight Deck M maximizes your field of view and the Prizm-engineered lenses help you see contrast on the mountain in varying conditions. These goggles tend to offer more accurate vision in comparison to conventional lenses. The anti-fog coating on the lenses eliminates moisture and haze. The Plutonite lens material protects against UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light. The Oakley Ridgelock technology allows for quick and easy change of lens.

What I liked

  • These goggles have a large and frameless lens which offers a wide field of view and minimal distortion.
  • The lenses are made with Oakley’s Prizm technology which enhances the color and contrast in various light conditions.
  • Oakley products are known to be durable.

What I disliked

  • It does not come with an anti-fog coating.
  • Prices are on the higher side.
  • These goggles come in limited color options.

Factors determining best value snowboard goggles –

Visible light transmission (VLT) –

This is a measure of how much light can travel through a lens before reaching the eyes. A high VLT indicates a lighter tint resulting in more light exposing your eyes. A low VLT means a darker tint resulting in light being blocked from entering your eyes.

Environment –

Based on the weather forecast you should be able to decide what weather conditions you would face while snowboarding. Depending on the conditions having the right tint is detrimental to ensuring the right amount of light is exposed to your eyes. The color of the lens is a deciding factor in the glare and brightness.

Tips to take care of the best value snowboard goggles –

Avoid touching the inner lens –

Most snowboard goggles are sprayed with anti-fog on the inner lens, so it might get damaged when you touch it while it is wet. Even wiping with the microfiber cloth sold along with your goggles is not advisable.

Avoid spraying your lens with cleaning solution –

Using anti-fog spray can ruin your snowboard goggles as it can change the surface chemistry of the surface. Snowboard goggles are hydrophobic and oleophobic meaning they repel oil/water/dirt. So instead of spraying cleaning solution, it is advised to instead use mild soap and water.

Avoid resting your goggles on your forehead/hat/helmet –

If you place your goggles on any of these places, the space between the inner and outer lens will be exposed to vapor from melting snow or sweat.

Proper storage of goggles –

Always ensure to keep your snowboard goggles at home where they can be far from wet conditions.

Be careful when vents ice up –

Pulling ice away can tear the foam vents and result in snow entering your goggles. If your lens is wet, it can cause fogging and you will then have to replace the frame with a new one. It is advised to tap your frame on the legs or brush the snow off when the vents ice up.

In conclusion, things to ponder while getting the best value snowboard goggles are shape, anti-fog properties, and comfort. Many of the goggles available today have excellent ventilation, anti-fog coating, and triple-layer foam padding which means the chances of you getting lost in the mist are low.



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